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Take action now to let the City of Reno know an important locker room change is needed now

In our view the locker room design at the new Moana Springs Pool is significantly deficient. Now is the time for the City of Reno to improve this design before construction is completed.



Benches and lockers in the current design are allocated to a public viewable space located next to the front desk. This leaves insufficient floor space, lockers, and benches in the private locker room areas where actual clothes changing and demand for private use of such features will be needed. Based on expected usage, these features at Moana are much worse than any other aquatic facility in the region, especially when compared to Carson Aquatic Facility (more than five times better). We already know from experience that surges of daily users will prove this problem, not to mention larger events such as swim meets on site.



Enclose the public viewable space located next to the front desk to make that area part of the private locker room space. In our view, attempting to get the City of Reno to agree to fix this problem after construction completion is unlikely. Yes, adding to the private locker room space with a wall may delay construction and add to costs, however, in our view it is better to get this fixed right now rather than suffer with the flaw for the 50 years or more life of this facility. Invest in the future? What legacy do you as City of Reno citizens and users of Moana Springs Pool want?





How you can help!

Following are several links to more information related to this issue and how you can help by taking steps to be sure the locker rooms will best meet the needs of the patrons of what will be an incredible facility for decades to come.  Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter for next steps in the effort to make Make Moana Better!

KOLO News 8 Story - Link to March 15, 2024 KOLO News 8 Story.  Link to written story.

Reno Gazette Journal Op Ed - March 1, 2024 RGJ Op Ed article outlining the "problem inside the solution"

Locker Room Plans - Demonstrate the area of concern and a possible solution

User Group Letter - Letter from collective of user groups supporting the need for a revision to plans

Pre-filled E-mail for public comment to quickly share your concern

E-mail to City Representatives - Download proposed text and addresses for e-mail indicating support for Making Moana Better!J

SNCA Call to Action E-mail Jan. 2024 Newsletter - Contains links to assist in effort to communicate your thoughts with the City of Reno.

January 23rd 2024 City of Reno Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting - Well attended by supporters of the Moana Springs Aquatic Center requesting a change to the planned locker rooms to add additional space for changing in private portion of locker rooms.



Facility Plans

The Moana Springs Aquatics and Fitness Center will include an indoor 50 Meter by 25 yard pool including dual 1 and 3 Meter diving boards, an indoor warm water recreation pool including zero depth entry, water spray elements, a current pool, slide, and lap/exercise/class space.  There will also be an outdoor warm water soaking pool in a beautiful outdoor area.  The facility will include all the necessary accessory spaces to support the aquatics elements as well as several multipurpose rooms and a 5,000 square foot mezannine exercise facility.  Please contact us with any questions regarding  the plans we welcome the opportunity to share the rationale for the designed elments of the center.  Additionally you can visit for regular project updates from the City of Reno and CORE Constuction.


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